Random thought of the day

A comma, a full stop with a tail. Although I’ve never known how to use them I do know that there are grammatical rules, together with the almost obligatory grammar fascists waiting to jump on you the moment you inadvertently stick one where it does not belong.

But I guess they do have a use. Leave one out and a bold statement such as “I think, I am free” is transformed into the meek, somewhat slavish “I think I am free”. Try it yourself with some similar phrases - you’ll soon get bored and find something better to do with your time…

And there you go. Today’s random thought was bought to you by the letter Z (repeated a lot). Now to go count winks…

Sister Ray - live in Liverpool, 28-06-14

Life is so boring there is nothing to do except spend all our wages on the latest skirt or shirt. Brothers and sisters, what are your real desires? — The Angry Brigade: Communique 8

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